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I'm a Garden State native with a Golden State vibe and keeping things neat + tidy has always brought me great joy. I'm excited and rewarded by helping my clients gain the freedom found from letting go.

My goal as a Professional Organizer is not to judge the spaces that my clients inhabit. My vision is to create a warm, peaceful and productive environment that compliments their personality while also making them more efficient in their everyday lives.




Given my inherent passion for organizing, in 2008, I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  In NAPO, I found a community of like minded professionals.  I began designing organizational spaces for clients in 2013 and in 2016 I decided to leave the fashion industry in order to pursue space design and organization full-time. With my background in textiles; specializing as a colorist for the latter part of my career, I've been able to capitalize on my natural ability and eye for design. I remain an avid student; I'm constantly learning and growing. 

My strong faith and spiritual center enable me to guide clients through emotionally charged situations that can surface when sorting.

Feeling overwhelmed? Is your stuff getting in the way of your life? Let's create a plan + execute it.  Whether your need is situational or chronic, I can help you edit and find the appropriate home for your belongings.  Just like us, our things need a place to live too.


Client Reviews

I worked with Cristina on several occasions. Between having a small young family and moves, our chaos bred chaos. Without a strong foundation we couldn’t get systems to work. Cristina worked with me to organize a new home including all of my seasonal items, memorabilia, my office... among others. Her process facilitated the ability for me to make decisions on shedding things that I was just storing and moving. She also has worked with me with the kids things and coming up with evolving systems.
Cristina is passionate about organizing. She was easy to work with and really worked to understand our needs as a family. I would recommend Cristina to anyone who needed help in organizing.
— Jennifer, Morristown
I asked Cristina to help me re-vision and re-organize my New York City apartment. I had recently moved from a 4 bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment. My apartment was full of clutter and disarray. Cristina helped me De-clutter, re-vision and re-organize my stuff, therefore my life! She constructively helped me sort through and get rid of items no longer in use. She introduced balance and harmony in my living space! I highly recommend Cristina if you are ready to revision and step out of your comfort zone and enter a re-imagined world for yourself!!
— Kim, NY
Cristina’s exceptional creative and organizational skill set is the perfect combination that allows to her thrive at her business!
— ED, NY


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Space Planning

Re-Designing with what you have


Residential Organizing

Living + Work Spaces

Paper + File Management

Storage Solutions




Kids Room + Play Areas

Product shopping  

Paint color consulting


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Consultation Goals  

I want you to have a positive experience and walk away feeling empowered, but success requires your active participation in the journey.   


Prior to a Consultation

I want to meet you, in your space just as you are!  So please do not clean up prior to the initial consultation.  If there are family members, roommates or co-workers that share the space, they should also be present. 


During Our Session   

 -  We work together and will uncover your existing organizational skills and I will teach you some new ones. 

-  Be prepared to make decisions, a lot of decisions.   

-  As is typical during these sessions, a cluttered space often looks worse a couple of hours in, but rest assured you will always have a useful and functional space at the end of each session.

-  Be willing to try new things, laugh at yourself  (and me) and have patience during the process.  Getting organized requires being a little outside of your comfort zone.   



Be assured that all information seen, heard or discussed with a client will be held in the strictest of confidence.  I follow the NAPO code of ethics which, can be found on their website     


So what's next?     

I would love to learn about you and your current situation.  To make that happen, we'll schedule a 20 minute phone conversation.  We'll discuss my approach + your areas of frustration. We'll find out what's been working + what has not been working for you and discuss your goals + vision.  






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