Consultation Goals  

I want you to have a positive experience and walk away feeling empowered, but success requires your active participation in the journey.   


Prior to a Consultation

I want to meet you, in your space just as you are!  So please do not clean up prior to the initial consultation.  If there are family members, roommates or co-workers that share the space, they should also be present. 


During Our Session   

 -  We work together and will uncover your existing organizational skills and I will teach you some new ones. 

-  Be prepared to make decisions, a lot of decisions.   

-  As is typical during these sessions, a cluttered space often looks worse a couple of hours in, but rest assured you will always have a useful and functional space at the end of each session.

-  Be willing to try new things, laugh at yourself  (and me) and have patience during the process.  Getting organized requires being a little outside of the your comfort zone.   



All information seen, heard, or discussed with a client will be held in the strictest of confidence.  I follow the NAPO code of ethics which, can be found on their website     


So what's next?     

I would love to learn about you and your current situation.  To make that happen, we schedule a 20 minute phone conversation.  We'll discuss my approach + process a little more, your areas of frustration, find out what's been working + what has not been working for you, and of course discuss your goals and vision.